I come from a long line of merchants! My mother Elsie was an antiques dealer, shop owner and treasure hunter. My grandparents, Gaetano and Palmina had a general store in a coal mining camp where they lived and worked with a group of Italian immigrants. And in Bologna, Italy, my great aunts kept shop. So selling is in my DNA!

I like to sell anything, but I love to sell antiques! I had an antique shop for years near the small town where we live  “Gray Haven Inn – Antiques and Beautiful Things” It was so much fun, but with 2 small children, work and keeping up the old homestead….it was overwhelming!20150528_14405720150528_154016Our cabin is filled with antiques, I need another outlet! So now, 24 years later, the girls are grown, sort of, and I can open up my store! We’re transforming our english stable into a shop!

Our horses are turned out with a roof over their head and really this barn is way too fancy for horses! I can’t wait, but it’s slow going, of course we’re doing all of the work ourselves, you know, pioneer spirit and all! Thank goodness our girls help out and without too much sass!We have to find the perfect old windows, hardware, & fixtures, put old floors in, close it up with huge barn doors put in a wood burning stove. It will be a shop full of charm! And then…..the real fun starts!  I’m already on the hunt for treasures, then we fill, decorate and fluff! Stay tuned, I’ll take lots of pics of our progress!