Fall Pics around the cabin

  In the early fall the light is so beautiful, it’s mellow and shadowy and I find myself just walking around clicking my camera. I did just that today and

Fall is coming!

The corn harvest! I sent the girls out to cut lots of stalks to decorated the cabin and the barn! Fall is coming quick!

Labor Day Antiques

We went to a great auction on Labor day! It was bittersweet however, a fellow antiquer passed away and a lifetime of his treasures were sold We all bought a

About Me

Welcome to the Cabin in the Woods! My name is Ruth, I’m an ex model who left a crazy life and retreated to the woods over 30 years ago. I’m

Blogger’s nest

This is where I perch when I’m putting together recipes and posting, close to the stove! And in the winter, the fireplace! And thisĀ is my outdoor office!

Cabin Cooks

I’m trying to teach these girls everything I know about cooking! Sometimes they even listen!

Dining at the Cabin

I think dinner time should be special. I set the table using my antique dishes, glasses and serving pieces.They don’t have to match, just use what you have, it’s much

The Girls!

Our girls were so much fun to raise! Growing up in the country, their childhood was what most would call an “alternative” lifestyle”, no malls, no video games! But, they

Simple pleasures

Is there anything better than line dried sheets! My mother always hung out her laundry and I remember thinking that it just seemed lot a of work! Now I understand!

Chicken troubles!

My poor little free range hens are now limited range hens! The fox were literally snatching them right in front of us! I tried this for a while, just shooting