Chicken troubles!

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DSC00659My poor little free range hens are now limited range hens! The fox were literally snatching them right in front of us! I tried this for a while, just shooting over their heads of course, but how long could I stay up there? So we built them a screened in veranda, attached to the coop and decided for their own safety, they had to be coop bound.DSC00808 Too bad, I love to see them roaming (2)So the new veranda works well to keep the girls safe, but 2 of them turned militant and refused to lay eggs! So I let them out a few hours before roosting time every night. They seem satisfied with this compromise!DSC01636Lettuce time is almost over so I opened up a lettuce buffet for them!
I’m always delighted to go to the coop and find these gifts from my girls!DSC01593This bird…I say bird because I don’t know if it’s a chicken or a rooster or part duck! I named it Hamish. Hamish doesn’t act like a rooster, doesn’t crow, is not aggresive and doesn’t lay eggs! We’ll see I guess!DSC01631



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