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These are some pics you may like. We built the cabin about 28 years ago. It was our first attempt at building anything. It was before the internet and google searches! We had to find our “how to build a cabin” books at the library!DSC00313 (1)DSC00275DSC00259This is the back porch, and a brick and stone patio. DSC00078DSC00108 We built this cottage for my mother.DSC00373 (1)Next came the barn. It’s a post and beam, not a nail in it! Pretty fancy for horses, not sure they appreciated it! And of course the chickens needed a place to call home.DSC00247
DSC00180 I have construction pics of these buildings that I’ll also share with you. Stay tuned! We’re also converting the barn into an Antique shop, just open a few times a year and for special groups and then eventually it will be a living space.20140113205030(3)DSC02544DSC02540DSC02536

More pics!DSC02511DSC02513DSC02508DSC02226DSC02391DSC02516DSC02049DSC02043DSC02048DSC0006720140113210516(1)DSC01593



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    Pam Capps
    May 19, 2015

    Loved the pictures and the fact you guys did it all…..looks so inviting.

    Looking forward to your cooking tips and recipes. Hugs

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