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These kabobs are so darn good! Steak, shrimp, pineapple, onion and peppers! The marinade/sauce is spectacular, it’s a combination of soy sauce, honey, brandy, orange zest and garlic. Let the sirloin and shrimp soak it all up for 3-4 hours before grilling.

Serves 2 really hungry people or 4 normal people

• 1 fresh pineapple, skinned, cored and cut into 10 chunks
• 1 lb of sirloin steak, cut into 10 even pieces
• 10 large shrimp, shelled with tail on
• 1/2 cup of soy sauce
• 1/2 cup of honey
• 1/4 cup of brandy or cream sherry
• 2 tsp of orange or lemon zest
• 3 cloves of garlic, minced
• 1 small red onion, you’ll need 10 -1 inch pieces
• 1 large green or red bell pepper, cut into 10- 1 inch squares
• 2 Tbs of cornstarch


Soak the skewers (if you’re using wooden ones) in water so they don’t burn.Combine soy sauce, honey, sherry, orange or lemon peel and garlic in a medium bowl.Pour over the steak and shrimp. Cover and refrigerate for 3 – 4 hours, turn them several times while they’re marinating. Drain and reserve the marinade. Let the shrimp and sirloin sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before grilling. Prepare your bbq grill so you’re ready to go. Have everything ready to skewer, the peppers, onions, pineapple, steak and shrimp. Assemble the skewers: place a pineapple chunk, shrimp, red onion, steak cube and green pepper on each of the 10 skewers. Blend the cornstarch into the reserved marinade and heat to boiling, reduce heat to low and stir constantly, until thick.Place skewers on the bbq grill over direct heat, brush with the marinade. Grill for about 3 – 4 minutes on one side, turn and grill about 3 – 4 minutes longer, brushing with the marinade several times. That’s it, enjoy!



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