Simple pleasures

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DSC00873Is there anything better than line dried sheets! My mother always hung out her laundry and I remember thinking that it just seemed lot a of work! Now I understand! We hang up most of our laundry, especially towels and sheets.  IMG_7285Another simple pleasure that I love is to try to capture the scents and fragrances of our herbs. My girls have always been intrigued by herbal concoctions and alchemy. I’ve been using herbs for years and have always had them hanging around to dry and my mother was like a gypsy/witch doctor, she always had some herbal concoction brewing! We set up a cozy little nook in the barn for Ursi to experiment. She’s been making linen sprays. Lavender is known for relaxation and stress reduction, perfect for bed linens! DSC01016Check back with us, we have more herbal delights brewing. Someday I think we’ll bottle them and offer them to you!



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